About Us

The studio is located in the stunning grounds of Strelley Hall, Nottingham. Edge Barn is a converted cowshed, which inspired our name. We create the perfect MooDoo. 

MooDoo has a relaxed atmosphere and the team have over 35 years of experience, covering all aspects of hair and offering a range of nail and beauty services. 

Keeping touch is important, which is why MooDoo offer many options to stay in the know about offers, discounts, new services, new products and much more. Facebook is a firm favourite for clients and MooDoo regularly update their Facebook. 

All new clients at MooDoo receive 20% discount on their first visit as part of our introductory discount

Service Menu

Cutting Services

Cut&blow - Stylist £28 - Director £32


Gents Cut and Finish - Stylist £14 - Director £16                  


Barbers cut - Stylist £9 - Director £10 


Child Cut (0-5) - Stylist £5 - Director £7                                 


Child Cut (6-12) - Stylist £8 - Director £9                                      

Child Cut (13-16) - Stylist £10 - Director £12                                  

Colouring Services

Root Retouch - Stylist £32 - Director £35                                    

Global Tint - Stylist £37 - Director £40                                         

Half Head Highlights - Stylist £44 - Director £47                            

Full Head Highlights - Stylist £54 - Director £57  


Balayage - (from) £67                        

Colour Correction - Upon Consultation                                            

Styling Services

Blow Dry - Stylist £14 - Director £17                                              


Hair Up-Do - Stylist £20 - Director £30 

Smoothing & Perming Services

Keratin Blow Dry - Stylist £90 - Director £90                                 

Opti-Smooth Treatment - Stylist £65 - Director £70                       

Perm (from) - Stylist £30 - Director £35                                        

Repairing & Conditioning Services 

Olaplex - Stylist £20 - Director £20    (olaplex is used within the colour or pre-lightner)                                     

Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment - Stylist £35 - Director £35 (this treatment is pure olaplex and more concentrated) 

Intensive Conditioning Treatment - Stylist £15 - Director £15





We use the best Colouring Tints Highlift Tints and Pre-Lightners, to get the best results. 

Your hair colour defines you and can even boost your mood. Colour is a great way to express yourself as an individual. Whether you want a crazy fashion colour, or something classic. We cater for it all at MooDoo  


We love being creative with hair colour. It's a way to express and transform yourself. Colour is a great way to boost your confidence and self esteem. However there's no denying that repeated colouring can damage the quality of our hair, making it more dry, dull and cause split ends. And when hair is damaged, colour doesn't last as long, which means even more trips to the salon for top ups.

That's why Olaplex has quickly become the hair treatment that  salons can't live without. The breakthrough technology repairs severely damaged hair that's coloured regularly as well as delivering a glossy, strengthening treatment to all hair types and textures, coloured or not.

More services coming soon

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